A few some must-see sites to discover the cultural richness of the region and to learn about Québec’s first nations, religious and cultural heritage.

St.Benoit Abbay

St-Benoît-du-Lac Abbey, a Benedictine monastery where prayers are chanted in the haunting Gregorian style.

Fort Chambly

National Historic Sites; Fort-Chambly, Fort-Lennox, Battle of the Châteauguay and Coteau-du-Lac.

Musée Exporail

Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum in St-Constant offers a voyage into the fascinating universe of the great founders of the Canada railroad.

Abenaki - Musée des Abénakis, Odanak

Musée des Abénakis of Odanak, the oldest Amerindian museum in Québec.

Musée des religions du monde, Nicolet

The Musée des religions du monde (museum of world religions) in Nicolet – unique in North America – unveils the foundations of the great religious traditions of the world.

Village Québécois d'Antan Drummondville

The Village Québécois d’Antan pioneer village in Drummondville takes a look back at life in Québec in the 19th century.